Spirit Concentrates


Beer Concentrate

Prenzel Beer Concentrate is a carefully balanced beer flavoured concentrate, created with an infusion of yeast, malt and beer extracts. At 5x flavour concentration, this is perfect in applications where a rich beer flavour is required.

Bourbon Concentrate

Prenzel Bourbon Concentrate is made from fermented maize. Bourbon Concentrate gives your recipe a point of difference, especially when used in fudges, truffles, chocolates and mud cake recipes.

Brandy Concentrate

Prenzel Brandy Concentrate is especially popular with bakers throughout New Zealand for their specialty Christmas baking, who soak their fruit in our brandy concentrate prior to baking Christmas cakes and desserts.

Gin Concentrate

Prenzel Gin Concentrate is an exquisite blend of eleven botanicals. It is carefully balanced with a smooth freshness of flavour and a distinctive citrus note that offers a quality foodservice alternative to store brought gin. Gin Concentrate is ideal paired with lemon or grapefruit when making dressings or sauces for seafood dishes, especially oyster and fish.

Kirsch Concentrate

Prenzel Kirsch Concentrate is a traditional European cherry spirit. It features a characteristic almond flavour derived from the cherry stones.

Marc Concentrate (Brandy distilled from grape pomace)

Traditional grappa is distilled from pomace, a by-product of the wine making process, found in the wine press after the juice has been extracted. French grappa is called Marc. Marc is traditionally aged in oak barrels for up to ten years, giving it a darker colour and more mellow character than Grappa, as well as a more complex flavour profile.

Marsala Concentrate (Sweet Fortified Wine)

Traditional Marsala originated in the Sicily region of Italy and is classified as a sweet fortified wine.  It is deep red in appearance and has a pleasant aroma of a highly oaked and rich wine. Marsala is a very versatile flavour, and is used in many culinary dishes including risottos, chicken and vegetarian dishes, seafood dishes, sauces, desserts and cakes.

Pear William Concentrate (Pear Brandy)

Prenzel Pear William Concentrate is blended using our exquisite Pear William Brandy that is distilled from bon chrétien pears, using the traditional Alsatian method. Its unique flavours are especially suitable for use in chocolates and truffles.

Port Concentrate

Prenzel Port Concentrate is based on the traditional spirit that originated from Portugal. Rich red in colour, and full of flavour, this concentrate is a must for every kitchen. Use Port Concentrate in salamis and specialty sausages, flavouring in pâté, and a variety of sauces and marinades. One of the benefits of using our Port Concentrate is that colour retention remains consistent.

Sherry Cream Concentrate

Prenzel Cream Sherry Concentrate is blended using a neutral grain spirit base with the addition of natural sherry extracts. This is a sweet rather than a dry version. 

Sherry Dry Concentrate

Prenzel Sherry Dry Concentrate is blended using a neutral grain spirit base with the addition of natural sherry extracts. This is popularly used to soak fruit in preparation for fruitcakes, or to enhance the flavour of sauces, gravies and sweet and sour meals.

Vodka Concentrate

Prenzel Vodka is a distilled beverage and one of the world’s most popular liquors. It is composed primarily of water and Grain Spirit with unique distillation and filtering methods creating a smooth finish. Prenzel Vodka Concentrate has been created at a higher alcohol level specifically designed for culinary use. It is great for flaming when creating game dishes, soaking fruit, pasta and seafood dishes and desserts.

Whisky Concentrate

Prenzel Whisky Concentrate is made from a fermented grain spirit. Whisky Concentrate can be used in fudges, truffles, chocolate and whisky mud cake and chocolate and mousse cake. 

White Rum Concentrate

Prenzel White Rum Concentrate is blended using a grain neutral spirit base with white rum extracts.  A popular flavour base for sauces, cakes, gourmet ice creams and other desserts.

White Rum & Coconut Concentrate

Prenzel White Rum & Coconut Concentrate is blended using a grain neutral spirit base with natural coconut extracts and white rum, to
create a genuine mouth-watering flavour. White Rum & Coconut Concentrate offers a superb base flavour, especially popular for use in cakes and desserts.

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