Prenzel Culinary Concentrates

Prenzel Culinary Concentrates

Prenzel Culinary Concentrates are designed specifically for food preparation and contain only natural ingredients. Although high in alcohol content, they are classified in the ITH codes as sauces and condiments. They are duty free and thus not only more effective at imparting flavour to food products, but also less costly than using standard beverage liquor.

At four times the flavour strength of traditional spirits, Prenzel culinary concentrates can reduce your costs while helping improve the flavour of your finished product. The full range of more than fifty different flavours is available in 1, 5 and 20 litre plastic containers for safe and easy use in kitchen and food manufacturing environments.

Product specifications are available on request.

Prenzel uses traditional distilling methods to produce award winning liqueurs and spirits. It also produces flavoured infused cooking oils and other culinary concentrates to international HACCP standards

How to use your samples:

Simply convert all existing recipes that include beverage alcohol, to use a quarter of the Prenzel Concentrate.

For example:
If your recipe states to use 1 cup of alcohol, you would use ¼ cup of Prenzel Concentrate.
If your recipe specifies 1 cup of alcohol and you need the extra liquid to keep things moist, use ¼ cup of Prenzel Concentrate and top up the remaining ¾ cup of liquid with water, juice, milk, stock, flat ginger  beer (when using brandy) or whatever liquid you feel would enhance your dish.

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