Fruit Concentrates

Apple Concentrate 

Modelled on calvados (apple brandy) Prenzel Apple Concentrate is distilled from apples to maintain the distinctive flavour of the fruit, it offers a superb base flavour and is currently used in many kitchens. Its unique flavours are especially popular for use in cakes and desserts


Boysenberry Concentrate

Prenzel Boysenberry concentrate is a rich dark concentrate created from boysenberry juice and natural extracts.  A rich colour, this concentrate has intense boysenberry flavours ideal in sorbets, cakes, fudge and chocolate.

Cassis (Blackcurrant) Concentrate

Cassis is a French liqueur popular with cafe society - particularly when added to champagne to create the famous Kir Royale.  It has a wonderful flavour that combines well with both sweet and savoury applications. Prenzel’s Cassis Concentrate is a rich and fruity blackcurrant concentrate made from succulent New Zealand Blackcurrants.

Clear Orange Concentrate 

Clear Orange Culinary Concentrate is colourless and has a neutral grain spirit base and derives its flavour from a blend of citrus oils from around the world. Clear Orange Concentrate can easily be substituted for Cointreau in recipes, and is very popular in baking and desert dishes. Clear Orange can also be used in sauces to compliment many game dishes including duck and venison.


Grand Orange Concentrate 

Prenzel Grand Orange concentrate is orange/brown in colour and can be used in many food applications. It is particularly popular in specialty cake and dessert making. Prenzel’s Grand Orange concentrate has a flavour profile similar to the French Grand Marnier® liqueur.


Coconut Concentrate 

Prenzel Coconut Concentrate is blended using a grain neutral spirit base with natural coconut extracts. It offers a superb base flavour for use in cakes and desserts.

Dark Raspberry Concentrate 

Prenzel Dark Raspberry is a concentrated flavour infusion of Raspberry distillates and natural raspberry juices.  It offers a intense, fresh raspberry flavour, a perfect accompaniment to ice creams, truffles, chocolates and cakes.

Kiwifruit Concentrate 

Prenzel’s Kiwifruit Concentrate captures the unique flavours of kiwifruit and creates a culinary concentrate that is both economic and easy to use. Kiwifruit Concentrate is an excellent ingredient to add flavour to: confectionery, especially truffles, fudge and chocolates; ice-cream and sorbets; muffins, biscuits/cookies; and desserts such as cheesecakes, trifles and tiramisu.

Lemon Concentrate

Prenzel’s Lemon Concentrate is crafted using a blend of lemon juice and lemon peel creating a zesty and aromatic flavour; a must have ingredient for muffins, slices and cakes and especially for use in icing.


 Lime Concentrate 

Prenzel’s Lime Concentrate is derived from 100% natural lime oil extracted from the peel. It has a vibrant and aromatic flavour. Use in classic citrus based sauces to help lift the flavour.

Mango Concentrate 

Prenzel’s Mango Concentrate derived from a natural mango flavour suspended in a 60% grain neutral spirit base. Great for desserts such as cheesecakes, ice creams, gelatos or sorbets.

Passionfruit Concentrate 

Prenzel’s Passionfruit Concentrate is crafted using natural Peach extracts and has an intense tropical passionfruit aroma and flavour.  Perfect for ice creams, fudges and cakes.

Peach Concentrate 

Prenzel Peach Concentrate is blended using natural Peach flavours to maintain the sweet flavour of the fruit. Peach concentrate offers a superb base flavour for sauces, cakes and gourmet ice-creams.


Raspberry Concentrate 

Preznel Raspberry Concentrate is blended using natural Raspberry distillates. Its unique tastes offers a superb base flavour for sauces, cakes and other dessert.

 Strawberry Concentrate 

Prenzel Strawberry Concentrate is blended using natural Strawberry extracts to create a concentrate that is both delicious and delightfully aromatic.

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