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Prenzel has been a New Zealand household name for a number of years now, with loads of customers, shops and businesses either using, tasting or buying our Delicious products!
We have a huge assortment of goodies from our New Bacon Salt, to Garlic Butter Oil, from our award winning Vodka and Gin, to our crowd pleasing Butterscotch Schnapps and Butterscotch cream!
So check out our shop, Grab your favourites, or try something new, and if you are looking for inspiration in the kitchen, be sure to have a look at our recipe drop down!

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Trade and Commercial 
Food service

At four times the flavour  strength  of  traditional  spirits, Prenzel culinary concentrates can reduce your costs while helping  improve the flavour of your finished product. The full range of more than fifty different flavours is available in 1, 5 and 20 litre plastic containers for safe and easy use in  kitchen and food manufacturing environments.

So check us out online, or call us on 0800 PRENZEL to discuss your needs further

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Bacon salt is here!!

There are three things in this world worth living for... Good bacon, good health, and some other third thing... But as tasty as it is, sometimes Bacon doesn't go well with the good health part. That's where Bacon salt comes in; a fat free and vegetarian friendly alternative that will add that delicious bacon salt to any meal!
But wait... there's more!!
Not only do we sell this right here, but, if you join Club Prenzel... you can get this amazing Bacon salt, with a 30% off club price!
So click in here: , and get your Bacon salt now!!
Tasting room here at Riverlands Estate!

Did you know we have a wonderful tasting room here in Riverlands Estate in Blenheim?
We would love you to come out and visit us!

We are open between 10am - 3.30pm
Monday to Friday

And don't worry, if you live outside of Marlborough, there may be a shop in your area selling our products!
If there isn't,  and you want to fill the gap, get in touch with us!

Call Michelle Harris- 03 5208215 or 0800 PRENZEL.

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Corporate gifts

Do you need presents for your staff? Important customers? Valued clients?
It's about showing how them how important they are to you.
We can cater to any budget, choose from a single bottle with cellophane up to a giant basket of goodies, completely your choice!

*Make sure the gifts you give are making the right impression*

Great Products, Great Prices, Great Service, we have it covered.

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Prenzel Distilling Company

Food Service
Corporate Gifts

We have the flavours that will help your creations leap off the plate and be the talk of the town (In the best possible way!)

 This is the place to go for all the gifts that you would buy for
your most favourite people, and would love to receive yourself!


Check out the discounts and business opportunity available!

What a perfect way to stock up on your Christmas and birthday presents, and certainly your bar and kitchen!

Or stay here for information about Prenzel's other products and to buy at full retail.

Prenzel Liqueurs
Prenzel Spirits
Prenzel Infused Oils
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Culinary & Food Service Products from the highest quality, natural ingredients


Club Prenzel

In home tastings

Our in-home tastings are a popular version of the time-honoured party plan. Tastings are a fun way to try products before you buy. 
It’s not all about the drinks cupboard though. Prenzel in-home tastings include a range of vinaigrettes, sauces and infused oils designed for the everyday kitchen.

Book a tasting today.

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Summer is heating up, and so is our Kitchen..

Now introducing: Roger Raizada's Indian Spice Mixes!!

Do you love delicious, authentic Indian Curry that's simply bursting with flavour but don't know where to start?
If this is you, we have a solution that will help you save time, money and sanity this Summer all the while helping you create perfect curries in your own kitchen.

For any of you who have stayed with us here in Blenheim, you will be familiar with Blenheim's best kept secret - Roger's Indian restaurant and spice shop, at the Maharajah.

Roger is into very healthy eating, and he imports all his spices directly from his suppliers in India. This allows him to make the best Indian meals ever.

Recently, he came up with the idea of packaging these spices specially for his customers. We became hooked very quickly.

Each pouch contains between 16 - 24  servings, and they come in mild, medium and hot. These descriptions are very accurate, so beware of the 'hot'!  They are also gluten free, which will appeal to many of our members. We have added in a butter chicken, which is another Wow taste sensation. 

lond spice

Behind the scenes!!

Have you ever wondered what goes on here at Prenzel?...
Well apart from many laughs and heaps of fun... work actually happens here, and some of it makes pretty good photos!
Be sure to keep checking this bit out, as we are always taking pictures, and we love to share!!!
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